Jesus The Game Changer

Today’s Topic:  Jesus The Game Changer.
Text:  Luke 5:1-10; John 5:1-11.
Preached by: Pastor Austin Osaretin Eghaghe.
@CGMi (Grace Land) Bori, Rivers State.
In Luke 5:1-6 this was the story of a man by name Peter, he went for fishing and that night he couldn’t catch anything.
This may be the picture of someone reading this message, in what area are you experiencing failure, setbacks, disappointments, lack and fruitlessness?
You may be like Peter, you are laboring and nothing to show for it.
Everything about you is toiling, you exact so much energy and comes back with little or nothing, I speak the word of God to you, may the Game Changer (Christ) step into your case right now.
  I prophecy a change of status, a change of story in. Jesus name.
– Each time Christ steps into any situation, the story changes.
-When Christ stepped into the case of Lazarus though dead for four days, life came into him.
-When he steps into a stormy situation, the storm will be calm
-When He stepped into Peter’s life, Peter’s toilsome experience was turned into awesome experience.
-When He stepped into the wedding ceremony where wine was out, He turned the shame away. (John 2:1-11)
– When He steps into any fruitless situation, it will be turned into fruitfulness.
-When Jesus steps into an empty life, He turns it into a life of substance and impact.
-When Jesus steps into a life of #nonentity He turns it to a life of great #identity.
-What is it that has defiled every human expertise in your life? Invite #Jesus the #Game Changer into it and the story will be turn into glory.
-What are those things that has defiled medical application? Let the Game Changer step in.
-The game changer turns #acrimonies into testimonies.
-The game changer turns stubborn #obstacles into harvest of #miracles.
-The game changer can turn a #crawling destiny into a #super destiny.
  My prayer for you today is that whatsoever that has limited, demobilized, inhibit your destiny, vision and dreams is given way because the game changer has stepped in.
   Evey statement the enemy intends to make in your destiny, family, business, ministry and career is averted because the Game Changer has stepped in.


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