School of Destiny

Topic: School of Destiny.
-In the school of destiny there are different categories of players.
-There are those creeping, those walking,
running, flying while some are soaring.
-Which categories do you belong?
– When one is creeping in destiny that person can’t achieve some certain things at the stipulated time/season.
-For example when one is creeping (slow) mentally, when one cannot assimilate in school that person will end up repeating one level for a very long time while others are been promoted.
-Another instance of a creeping destiny is seen in a situation whereby a man that is more than 50 years of age is still not yet married sometimes living with his parents of squatting with someone.
-I understand the fact that all fingers are not equal, but the truth is, there are some certain things that are needed to be achieved at certain age, when they are not achieved it calls for an urgent questioning. For example you can’t go to enroll in a primary school at the age of 30.
  – My prayer today is directed towards any destiny, be it ministerial, political, business, career or otherwise that is in a state of creeping, receive the speed of the Spirit of God for destiny acceleration.
May the hand of the LORD lift you and place you on a higher peek and Zenith in Jesus name.
     Psalms 90:14   O satisfy us early with thy mercy; that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.
The LORD will satisfy you early in destiny.
#Connect  for more insights. Pastor Austin Osaretin Eghaghe.


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