Living with purpose

Today’s Topic: Living with #purpose.
1. Purpose is the reason why a thing exist.
    : the reason why something is done or used : the aim or intention of something
*It is living with #purpose that gives #meaning to life.
*One of the greatest tragedies in this life is living without a purpose, doing what you were not born to do.
*Exerting your energy on things you were not destined to do.
*Your fulfillment, relevance , impact, genius and strength are all connected to your #purpose- why you were created.
— One thing the enemy/satan want to achieve in our lives is to make us forget, to be  unconcerned, neglect, and get confuse about our #purpose.
_The enemy wants us to be preoccupied with things different from what we were created for. _The enemy wants us to run through life aimlessly and wander through life without meaning.
_Today God will open your eyes to the essence of your creation.
-You will not run through life #aimlessly.
#Discovery of purpose turns a life of wandering to wonders.
#Discovery of purpose turns sighing to signs.
Your purpose can only be discovered from your creator (God).
Align yourself to your #purpose.


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