Intellectual Revolutionist

Look at men like Myles Monroe how they rose to the limelight.

Dr Myles was a dullard when he was growing up, but he never allowed his deficiency to abort the inherent potentials that God put inside of him..He strived to develope his intellect  in order  to be relevant in his generation.  Today Dr Myles is a success story, a man that pursued his dream until he saw it came to pass.

See Dr Ben Carson how he became a force to reckoned with… The best Neurosurgeon in the world.  As delicate as the human brain, he separated Siemens twins that was joined in the brain. Ben Carson has journeyed from troubled youth to

gifted neurosurgeon, known for his work separating

conjoined twins. … As a doctor , he became the

Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns

Hopkins … Ben Carson did not rise to the place of relevance incidentally, he worked at it.

What about Abraham Lincoln how he rose to prominence, he failed several times, but he refused to cleave to his failure, he forged ahead and became the 16th American president.

What about Martin Luther king that had a dream that one day racism will be over, he pursued that dream by written quotes that counter every ideology that promote racism. He lived for what he believed.

What about Martin Luther the reformer, who had an encounter with the word in the bible ” the just shall live by faith” this word shaped the mindset of Martin Luther and that caused a revolution that extinguished the darkness in his heart. After his encounter with God”s word, he wrote 99 thesis that was to put the Catholic Church  into proper shape.

What about Charles Wesley  and John Wesley who shaped the methodist Church, and provokes an awakening that lasted a century, even after his exit from the earth, the awakening lasted.

John Wesley was an Anglican and theologian who, with his brother

Charles Wesley and fellow cleric George Whitefield ,

is credited with the foundation of the evangelical

movement known as Methodism . His work and

writings also played a leading role in the

development of the Holiness movement and


John Wesley is known for two things: co-founding

Methodism and his tremendous work ethic.

In the 1700s, when land travel was by walking,

horseback or carriage, Wesley logged more than

4,000 miles a year. During his lifetime he preached

about 40,000 sermons.

Wesley could give today’s experts lessons in

efficiency. He was a natural organizer and

approached everything diligently, especially religion.

It was at Oxford University in England that he and his

brother Charles participated in a Christian club in

such an orderly manner that critics called them

methodists, a title which they gladly embraced.

The list goes on about great people and how they rose to the limelights.

I challenge you today to prepare, have a dream, pay the price for your greatness today.

To live on this earth unnoticed, it’s an abuse to creation.



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